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Sitting at work watching the ESPYS because it’s so slow. They just gave an award to Michael Sam (the first openly gay player to be drafted into the nfl.)

This dude sitting next to me kept making rude comments and criticizing his acceptance speech. Which prompted some back and forth from me.
“Excuse me sir, could you please keep your comments to myself? You are being really offensive.”
“What? Are you gay?”
“No but I respect people that are and what you are saying is offensive.”
“I can say what I want. That _____ is making me sick.”
“Then go do something else. Like tip a dancer. You ARE at a strip club dude.”
“Listen… I don’t have to do anything, especially anything a stripper tells me. Like you know anything about football anyway.”

Right as I went to retaliate the bar tender jumped into the conversation (I think he could sense my building rage)

"Hey man you gotta watch your mouth in here. I’m not exactly fond of your attitude either. If you want to continue sitting here you need to act right."

The dude is now sitting here with an empty beer. Its been empty for ten minutes and it might stay that way. Ass.

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