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Ended the night on a good note. Made decent money. After I posted my last rant, I was due for stage and the dj goes, “oh yeah I forgot you are here…”

Uh… I’ve been on stage three times before this.

Seeing as how he is one of two “bouncers” we have working at a time (the other is our bar tender) I feel uncomfortable knowing he isn’t paying attention. Like on his lap top with head phones not paying attention.

So if I’m on stage and some dude decides to grab me I have no protection. I wish just once this dj would be put in the dancers position and see how his aloof attitude could cost some poor girl her safety.

But we’re not really people anyway.

I love when the dj at work plays songs I dance to for other girls. Love it.

Like come on bro, we’ve worked together for like a year and a half.

This is the only dj I’ve ever worked with that I want to not tip. Fucking hell.

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